Cherry Circle Room

American Restaurant

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· 8.8 / 10
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Average sound level of 78 decibels (Loud Noise Level) based on measurements taken by users of the SoundPrint app . A Loud Noise Level is likely safe for hearing, difficult for conversation.

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74 dB
78 dB
86 dB
5am - 11am
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6pm - 10pm
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    Food is amazing!
    Saturday at 11:54pm
    Beautiful and quiet dining room located in a classic room.
    Wednesday at 7:19pm
     · 70 dBA
    I expected Cheery Circle to be quiet. You enter through large doors and the decor and booths led me to believe it would be perfect for a dinner with friends. Imagine my surprise as free form Jazz followed by head banging rock was coming at as like a standing room concert. It was disturbing selection and deafeningly loud. The manager was unable to turn it down. We were told by the manager it was a highly curated selection of music meant to add a touch of modernity It was dreadful.
    Saturday at 2:43pm
    Cherry Circle, the restaurant in the back of the second floor, is exceedingly quiet. The Game Room (bar and games) in front of the entrance to Cherry Circle is noisy. I assume others were commenting on the noise of the Game Room.
    Sunday at 4:26pm
    Cherry room
    Sunday at 6:13am