SoundPrint has the largest sound level database for research related to venue sound levels, particularly restaurants, bars and coffee shops (and more venues to come). We have numerous ongoing research projects and can also make select sound level data available to researchers and other interested entities.

SoundPrint was behind a groundbreaking study (see link here), the first ever large-scale study of noise levels in restaurants and bars that shows, on average, that restaurants and bars are too loud for conversation and many also endanger the hearing health of patrons and venue employees.

In February 2021, SoundPrint collaborated with the American Tinnitus Association to conduct a Noise Sentiment Survey to reveal attitudes of the tinnitus and hearing loss communities on their feelings about patronizing noisy public venues.  Findings can be found here on our blog.

We are looking to collaborate with noise pollution activists, local agencies, speech and hearing agencies, public health organizations and university departments (such as Audiology, Audio, Communication Sciences, Geospatial Sciences, Environmental Public Health, Acoustic Engineering and Architectural Engineering).

Should you be interested in collaborating, collecting, writing or gaining access to data, contact us at with the subject line “Research.”