How The App Works

Watch the video below to learn how to Take and Submit a SoundCheck, Search for Venues, and additional SoundPrint features.

(1) Take a SoundCheck

Measure the venue’s sound level and submit it to the database

To find the venue you want to take a measurement in, it is best to begin by taking a SoundCheck first (rather than using the search function to find the venue), then select the venue in the drop down menu and then submit to the database. 

(2) Search for venues based on how quiet or noisy they are and other variables (by cuisine type, venue type, distance, and sound levels)

  • The Filter button allows you to adjust the search mile distance radius – default is 1 mile – so if you are in a suburban area, increase the distance
  • Also allows you to search by sound level category – i.e., you can choose to only see quiet places, moderate places, loud places or some combination

Note: If you are located in an area where there have not been many submissions, the map will show blank black pins until more submissions are done. 

How To Use SoundPrint