Use SoundPrint to connect with your friend, date or colleague, client, or partner by discovering quiet, moderate or noisy venues.

Use the decibel meter to measure the venue’s loudness and submit (crowdsource) it for the community to see!

SoundPrint measures the approximate decibel level and is not a replacement for a professional sound level measuring device


Join the SoundPrint Challenge!

SoundPrint is launching the SoundPrint challenge as we are partnering with select upscale restaurants that want to contribute to the cause in helping the hearing-impaired community find quieter spots and voice concern for loud noise. Each month, a a high-end...

Are Americans really that loud?

Could we use SoundPrint data to confirm the stereotype that Americans are very loud - or at least when they are dining out? We did a rough analysis by segmenting SoundPrinted restaurants by ethnic cuisine (i.e. Japanese, Thai, Spanish, French, American) and...

The secret and best way to find quiet restaurants

  Do you ever feel frustrated like this man below when you are in a noisy restaurant or bar? Struggle to hear your companion? Just wish the venue would lower their music a hair or that the group near you would stop shouting over each other? Or an easy way to find...

Two new UES venues added to the NYC Quiet List

Hello Upper East Side patronizers! Two new venues have been added to the NYC Quiet List where you can better hear and converse with your companion. Click here to see the list of NYC Quiet spots. To stay informed of newly added venues, you can subscribe to...

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