The Quiet List™

Curated from SoundPrint’s Decibel Meter App

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You may use this list to discover quiet venues, but not to distribute or replicate for business purposes without written permission.

Please send suggested Quieter venues to be included on this list here 

Anatolia’s Turkish Grill  (Turkish, $$, Sylvan Park)
Cafe Nonna  (Italian, $$, Sylvan Park)
Giovanni ($$$, Italian, Midtown)
Koto Sushi Bar ($$, Sushi, Downtown)
Las Palmas ($, Mexican, Music Row)
Melting Pot ($$$, Fondue, Downtown)
Royal Thai ($$, Thai, Music row)
Rumor’s East ($$, American, East Nashville, now closed – bought by new owners – will new venue be quiet?)
Spaghetti Factory ($$, Italian, Downtown)
Sole Mio ($$, Italian, Downtown – about to close soon after 20+ years)
The Standard at the Smith House ($$$, American, Downtown)
Valentino’s (Italian, $$$, Music Row)

Noise Guideline Information

  • Quiet = 70 dBA or below      (safe for hearing health, conducive to conversation)
  • Moderate = 71 – 75 dBA      (safe for hearing health, manageable for conversation)
  • Loud = 76 – 80 dBA             (likely safe for hearing health, conversation is difficult)


SoundPrint measures the approximate decibel level and is not a replacement for a professional sound level measuring device. The dBA numbers displayed on the iPhone app and the website are averages of all the historical SoundChecks measured and submitted to the database. These SoundCheck dBA numbers are historical and thus are a reasonable guess as to what the specific venue’s sound level are and will be in the future. There is no guarantee that the average dBA displayed is or will be the actual noise level in the future.

It is SoundPrint’s policy to only list Quieter venues – we do not specifically name or call out louder venues as our goal is to work with and not against the louder venues.