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Want to find a quiet restaurant, bar, or coffee shop where you can actually hear your date, colleague, client, or partner? Or a quiet place to study or relax? Or find a restaurant that is bumping with noise and excitement?  Ever wonder if a place is too loud that it may be endangering your hearing? It can be very difficult to subjectively measure environmental noise. SoundPrint’s own decibel meter allows you to measure the sound level of the venue and submit (crowdsource) that data to the database. This is very useful for patrons, managers and employees to monitor and protect their hearing from noise-induced hearing loss.

Disclaimer: SoundPrint measures the approximate decibel level and is not a replacement for a professional sound level measuring device. The dBA numbers displayed on the iPhone app and the website are averages of all the historical SoundChecks measured and submitted to the database. These SoundCheck dBA numbers are historical and thus are a reasonable guess as to what the specific venue’s sound level are and will be in the future. There is no guarantee that the average dBA displayed is or will be the actual noise level in the future.





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