Find Your Quiet Place

We live in a noisy world. Discover quiet places and share them with others.

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Like Yelp, but for Noise

Measure Sound Levels

Use the decibel meter to measure a venue’s sound level and submit it to the database for everyone to see

Find Quiet Places

Find quiet and moderate places so you can hear and connect with others. Your submissions allow the community to find and promote quieter venues

Protect Hearing Health

Exposure to loud sound levels can cause hearing loss. Use SoundPrint to avoid loud places and ask managers to mitigate the noise or submit a noise complaint.

App Screenshot SoundCheck Screen

Measure the sound level of your environment and submit the location’s sound level to a public database for others to see

Recommend Quiet Places and Submit Noise Complaints

Recommend venues to SoundPrint’s “Quiet Lists” or submit a noise complaint to put the venue on notice

App Screenshot Venue Screen
App Screenshot Search Screen

Find venues that are either quiet or moderate (great for conversation and safe for hearing health) or are loud (bad for conversation and unsafe, potentially causing hearing loss)

Why SoundPrint Matters

Noise-induced hearing loss is a serious public health issue and encouraging venues to mitigate their sound levels helps protect the public’s hearing health (and reduce likelihood of Covid transmission) and provide venues where people can hear and connect with their friends, families, dates and colleagues.

Connecting never felt so easy!

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