Hello Upper East Side patronizers!

Two new venues have been added to the NYC Quiet List where you can better hear and converse with your companion.

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Maruzzella: The first restaurant is Maruzzella (Italian) on 1483 1st Ave at 77th St. which is a very relaxed, rustic and charming restaurant that serves homemade pasta. Its linen covered tables provide sound absorbing materials that is rare for restaurants in NYC. Rated 4 out of 5 stars on yelp.

SoundCheck Score: 5 SoudChecks during prime hours on Weds, Thursday and Saturday evenings produced an average 68 dBA which means it is QUIET.

Lexington Bar and Books: The second venue is a bar called Lexington Bar and Books (1020 lexington Ave at 73rd St).  It is rare to find quiet restaurants in NYC, even rarer to find quiet bars! A couple SoundPrint users are regulars here as they love the liquor selection and old school ambiance. They sometimes have James Bond movies playing in the background. Great for a date or a place to simply relax and converse.  Check out their review on Yelp.

SoundCheck Score: 4 SoudChecks during prime hours on Weds, Thursday and Friday evenings produced an average 70 dBA which means it is QUIET.


Decibel Guidelines 

  • Quiet = 70 dBA or below   (safe for hearing health, conducive to conversation)
  • Moderate = 71 – 75 dBA      (safe for hearing health, manageable for conversation)
  • Loud = 76 – 80 dBA             (likely safe for hearing health, conversation is difficult)


Disclaimer: SoundPrint measures the approximate decibel level and is not a replacement for a professional sound level measuring device. The dBA numbers displayed on the iPhone app and the website are averages of all the historical SoundChecks measured and submitted to the database. These SoundCheck dBA numbers are historical and thus are a reasonable guess as to what the specific venue’s sound level are and will be in the future. There is no guarantee that the average dBA displayed is or will be the actual noise level in the future.

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