In October, SoundPrint users discovered three more Manhattan quiet spots! The first is the lovely Santa Fe Mexican restaurant on the Upper West Side, second is Grifone, a charming cozy Italian spot in Midtown East, and third is the Blue Bar, a quiet classy bar in the Financial District. 

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Santa Fe on the Upper West Side (73 W 71st) is a quiet Mexican restaurant known for its margaritas and fajitas. Mexican restaurants typically are the loudest types of restaurants, so a quiet one is quite a rarity!

Photo of Santa Fe - New York, NY, United States. The place looks small from the front.  ...  But there was a large dining room in back!

Yelp Review

Sound level data verdict:  QUIET 70 dBA over 7 SoundChecks


Grifone, in Midtown East (244 E 46th) is a cozy little Italian restaurant that is as old school as one can get (they make you check your coats). One user described it as fine dining, but less known and less expensive than nearby neighboring Italian restaurants. Great for a quiet night out and conversation.

Photo of Ristorante Grifone - New York, NY, United States

Yelp Review

Sound level data verdict:  QUIET 65 dBA over 6 SoundChecks



The Blue Bar in the Financial District (1 Hanover Square) is a classy, low-key bar near Wall Street with a personality and a great divergence from the nearby crowded restaurants and bars on Stone Street. One reviewer described it as a “cool living room turned into a bar.” It is located in the historic India House, serves cocktails, wine, beer with a food menu. Great for a date night or a business meeting.

Photo of Blue Bar At India House - New York, NY, United States. Blue Bar at India House

Yelp Review

Sound level data verdict:  QUIET 70 dBA over 5 SoundChecks



Decibel Guidelines 

  • Quiet = 70 dBA or below   (safe for hearing health, conducive to conversation)
  • Moderate = 71 – 75 dBA      (safe for hearing health, manageable for conversation)
  • Loud = 76 – 80 dBA             (likely safe for hearing health, conversation is difficult)


Disclaimer: SoundPrint measures the approximate decibel level and is not a replacement for a professional sound level measuring device. The dBA numbers displayed on the iPhone app and the website are averages of all the historical SoundChecks measured and submitted to the database. These SoundCheck dBA numbers are historical and thus are a reasonable guess as to what the specific venue’s sound level are and will be in the future. There is no guarantee that the average dBA displayed is or will be the actual noise level in the future.


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