Using SoundPrint’s decibel meter app to protect your child’s hearing

by admin

SoundPrint user Kristin W. of NYC sent us a note about how she uses SoundPrint’s decibel meter app to protect her children’s hearing.

In what unique and effective ways do you use SoundPrint?

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Thanks to SoundPrint, my family is better educated about loud noise and hearing loss. We have made changes to our household because of it! After using SoundPrint and becoming more cognizant of how noise can be dangerous to hearing health, I read a study online that noted that the use of white noise machines can potentially lead to hearing loss in babies and children (see link here).

My four year old daughter and two year old son both use noise machines, so I used SoundPrint to check the decibel level on the default setting. In fact, it was too high (near 70 dBA)! So, thanks to SoundPrint, I lowered the volume and now both machines register around 54 dBA at the source.

Thanks for educating me about this important issue!


Kristin W., NYC