Win a meal for two at an upscale Manhattan restaurant

SoundPrint is partnering with upscale restaurants that want to help the hearing-impaired community and others find quieter spots and voice concern for loud noise.

Each month, a a high-end restaurant will comp a meal to users with the most submissions. We have a high caliber of restaurants lined up throughout the year – you won’t want to miss out.

The July challenge has finished and congrats to our winner Rosie! 

The next challenge begins in September – stay tuned. 

Congratulations to the last winner Lauren R. for collecting 50+ points – enjoy Junoon!



The current donor-sponsor is Vaucluse, a stylish French restaurant on the Upper East Side with a distinctive New York City vibe. Altamarea Group welcomes you to experience its foray into French cuisine through impeccable food, provocative drinks, and an alluring, vibrant setting. Vaucluse is a celebration of the uniquely spirited Provençal joie de vivre.



To participate:

  1. To opt in, send email with subject heading “nyc challenge” (you only need to do this once) to
  2. Submissions can not be anonymous – you must register either via facebook, a username or email address on the app after your first submission
  3. When out at a venue, use SoundPrint to measure and submit (download app here)
  4. Points will be tabulated at the end of each month: 1 point for each venue submission


  1. You do not need to be dining at the venue to take a measurement. When walking by a venue, simply approach the hostess and politely ask if you can take a measurement reading so that those in the hearing-impaired communities can discover quieter spots.
  2. You also get 15 additional points by following us on Facebook and another 15 points on Twitter
  3. This challenge is nation-wide, you do NOT have to be in NYC to participate



Past and Upcoming sponsors

Junoon – an upscale Indian restaurant with a gorgeous interior and ambiance in NYC’s Flatiron district.

Le Coq Rico – a contemporary French-American bistro by acclaimed Chef Antoine Westermann that pays tribute to the unique terroir of the Northeastern United States as expressed through the diverse flavors of wild and noble American birds, including heritage breed chicken, turkey, duck, squab, and guinea fowl

And more to come…