National Challenge


Win a $100 Amazon gift card! 

Each month, the top user with the most submissions nationwide will receive a $100 Amazon gift card – start submitting! 


To participate:

  1. To opt in all challenges, send email with subject heading “challenge” (you only need to do this once) to 
  2. Submissions can not be anonymous – you must register either via facebook, a username or email address on the app after your first submission
  3. When out at a venue, use SoundPrint to measure and submit (download app here)
  4. Points will be tabulated at the end of each month: 1 point for each venue submission (min 15 points)



  1. You do not need to be dining at the restaurant, bar or coffee/tea shop to take a measurement. When walking by a venue, simply approach the hostess and politely ask if you can take a measurement reading so that those in the hearing-impaired communities can discover quieter spots.
  2. You also get 15 additional points by following us on Facebook and another 15 points on Twitter


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